U3O8     SPOT: $50.25 US/lb     LONG TERM: $53.00 US/lb    Co    Weekly close: $51,955 US/mt

U3O8     SPOT: $50.25 US/lb     LONG TERM: $53.00 US/lb    Co    Weekly close: $51,955 US/mt

Message from our CEO

As CEO of UEX Corporation, I am pleased to present the Company’s second annual Safety, Environmental, Social Sustainability and Diversity Report.  

We believe that companies operating in Northern Saskatchewan, particularly the uranium producers, are global leaders with respect to ESG. This report provides us with continued insight into our ESG performance and understand how UEX can continue to improve and evolve in key areas.

While I have been proud of our Company’s historical performance with respect to diversity, safety, social sustainability and environmental issues, what has also been incredibly satisfying over the past year has been observing each member of the UEX Team and their total commitment to providing continuous improvement on ESG now that last year’s report has provided a baseline to measure from. UEX employees are taking control and leadership of the Company’s ESG performance and are the idea generators in finding ways to improve how we interact with our stakeholders, the environment and in governance issues.

In particular, what has been really impressive over the past year has been observing our Team’s commitment to find new ways to ensure the economic benefits of our activities are increasingly realized by our stakeholder communities.  Our Company has always believed that excellent safety, environmental and social sustainability is not just the right thing to do, but is the moral cornerstone needed to build a solid business maximizing benefits not just to society but for our stakeholder communities in northern Saskatchewan.

As we look forward to reporting our exploration successes over the past year, I am also excited to discuss our progress on our SESS and Diversity goals and accomplishments with stakeholders in the coming years.       


Roger Lemaitre,
President and CEO

Safety, Environmental, Social Sustainability and Diversity Report

UEX Corporation health and safety measures during COVID-19:

UEX Corporation is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, consultants, and contractors. During the COVID-19 pandemic the company has paid close attention to the Government of Saskatchewan’s updates and has followed all public health orders required by the Government and exceeded the processes and safeguards recommended by the Saskatchewan Mining Association. UEX has taken steps to control the COVID-19 risks in our corporate office and our remote operations. Employees work from home when sick to eliminate unnecessary risk of transmission. Employees returned to our corporate office in the summer of 2021. To return to the office, employees were required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition to being fully vaccinated, employees followed safety measures including physical distancing and barriers, frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, and personal protective equipment. At our remote operations we continued to follow our COVID-19 health and safety screening program that will remain in effect during the entirety of our field operations in 2022.

Early in the pandemic we contributed to the COVID Relief 155 to help coordinate Saskatchewan’s Northwestern region’s response to COVID-19 in 2020. 

UEX will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in the communities in which it operates and will appropriately adjust to future public health orders.


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